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Vera - Budejovice + 150 km

if you'd like to spend a nice evening, a whole night or a few days with an attractive young lady who has a degree in mathematics and is convinced that the square root of 4761 is 69 ...then get in touch and I'll show you some numbers you never knew existed.
Sexual orientation :
Age :
Languages Spoken :
English - German - Spanish
Measurements :
Height :
169 cm
Hair colour :
Natural blond
Eye Colour :
Vampire Green
Weight :
51 kg
E-Mail :
Phone number:
Send me an e-mail to get it
Web site :
Ready soon
Working area :
Budejovice + 150 km
Sexual Deviations :
Peeing for fun anyone ?
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Yeah, I know - my photos aren't that great but it's what's under the hood that counts isn't it ?
Budejovice can get pretty boring so if you happen to be in the Budejovice area and want to add some sparkle to your stay - contact me. Peeing for fun ? Any lady that tells you she likes to do that has a nose longer than Pinnocchio - but I don't really mind if that's your thing.
A few glasses of Champagne or a large ice cream ...and...
I can travel up to 150 km from Budejovice. functions similarly to any local tabloid with classified ads advertising adult entertainment

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