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The Hotels section of this website is intended purely as accommodation information for the traveller.
In no way are any of the hotels reviewed here connected with the adult entertainment industry.

Some Prague Hotels to start with   

Prague hotels for your first night or longer
Do also read the General Info and tips section on how to decide where to stay (further down this page).
The following hotels and pensions have all been tested by ourselves
meaning that we have stayed there for at least three nights.
Prices go from ridicolously cheap to reasonable.
The locations are mixed - in Prague City, Prague outskirts or surrounding countryside.
The service is good to excellent and they are a good starting point for when you first arrive in Prague.

cinema palace hotel Cinema Palace Hotel
Jiloviste - 17 km from Prague

cinema palace hotel Hotel Hilton Prague
Prague City

hotel slavoj Hotel Slavoj
Zbraslav - 10 km from Prague

cinema palace hotel Hotel Lunik - Prague
Prague City

pension Filip Prague Pension Filip - Prague
Smichov - Prague - on hillside overlooking Prague City.
2 km from city center. 1 km from Prague Castle.

General information and tips on how to
choose where to stay in Prague or near Prague

If you already know that you want to stay at a 5 star hotel,
then don't bother reading the rest of this page

But you might be making a mistake in thinking that
only the star hotels in Prague offer decent accommodation.

How to decide where to stay ?
If you intend staying in the Czech Republic - especially in Prague for longer
than a few days, the best way to find a hotel, pension or other type of accommodation
is NOT to book the hotel before you arrive.

This is not as mad as it may sound.

It is very improbable that you might find all of Prague's hotels and pensions
fully booked whenever you go to Prague so even if you should phone the hotels reviewed
here to find them full, once you arrive in Prague you'll find many others available.

The hotels indicated above are tested and researched (we've been there)
and perfect for at least your first night and possibly for your entire stay.

Once you're in Prague, you can then spend a day or two visiting the
town whilst deciding if you want to remain where you are or to move elsewhere.

Going about it this way leaves all the options open for you to find the right
place to stay at and if you are staying a week or two, sleeping in a nice place,
pleasantly located is as important as eating in a good restaurant.
You wouldn't want to have a great 10 days visiting Prague but
unable to get a single good night's sleep would you ?

Prague - being pretty small, offers a variety of types of accommodation
that you won't find neither in London, Paris, Frankfurt nor Milan so the
choice is great and caters for most tastes and needs.

Where you choose to stay obviously depends on if you are coming by car and
need parking, have to be bang in the center for business meetings, if you
prefer green to cement, a nice view at night from one of the surrounding 'hills'
of Prague - or office buildings staring into your hotel window.

If you are aiming at the star hotels then rest assured that all have double glazing,
parking, air conditioning and offer great service. But they also have their price.
For a third of this price, you can get something even better - depending
on your vision of luxury or comfortable living.

When we're talking about 'the price' - we mean around Euro 150 upwards for a single room
in the star hotels, and Euro 50 downwards for great accommodation in smaller hotels or pensions.

You can also get hotel rooms for Euro 10 a night or less but these are not
the best solution and we will not reccomend any of these on this website.

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